I could live in hope
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~ whennoonewalkswithyou
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~ whennoonewalkswithyou

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Apati - I förträngda minnens sällskap


I förträngda minnens sällskap
In company of suppressed memories
(Written by C9H13N)

The deafening sound of heavy rain against the window
fades down behind the thoughts
The darkness of the winter night which cautiously
creeps in through my pulled down blinds
feels like a concentrated evil
a darkness of the purest kind
I feel how it cuts into me and dances the dance of madness with my mind
Unknown and difuse memories chafes under my closed eyelids
Tears begins to flow as a reaction to the pain
Along the veins the cold is spreading
of all the winters I’ve lived through
And hidden behind the shadows in my subconscious
lies my conscience in fetal position and hyperventilates

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